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What Is MFWA?

MFWA also known as Mauritius Fashion Week & Awards is one of the most exciting annual fashion events which combine the fashion week experience and awards ceremony to celebrate and showcase the best fashion brands in Mauritius. By taking part in MFWA, you not only support the Mauritius fashion industry but you become an alumni of trendsetters, fashion connoisseurs, and VIP consumers with exclusive access to some of the best deals in store by our partners.

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Why Should You Attend?



Whether you are a designer, buyer, model, influencer, or simply a consumer. There is no greater place than Mauritius Fashion Week & Awards to make quick fashion industry connections in Mauritius.


MFWA opens you up to the entire fashion industry giving you an opportunity to discover new brands , network and connect a whole industry from clothing, footwear, lifestyle, accessories, makeup, hairstyle, retail outlets and much more.

Fun Party Experience

It is a reknowed statement worldwide that you have not partied until you have attended one of the world's fashion week parties. the MFWA event and afterparty is produced by the World Fashion Awards so expect the unexpected.

What Our Attendees Are Saying

Frequently Asked Questions

The MFWA takes place on the 18th of December 2021. This is when the main event and showcase will take place. However, throughout the week from Monday the 13th of December till the 18th of December. We have a range of partnered MFWA events happening in the lead up to the 18th.

MFWA will be taking place at La Vallee Village, Canton Nancy Rd, Pamplemousses in Mauritius.

You can get early bird MFWA tickets now via or clicking tickets on the main menu.

Well, it depends if you have your heart set on being snapped by one of the hawkish bloggers and paps who stand in and around the show venue hoping to get a portrait of the most fashionable and fabulous. If so, don’t just think ‘on-trend’, think eccentric, ultra-creative or super-chic.

This year , the MFWA is partnering with brands to make it easier for you to shop via our partners outlets all week from the 13th till the 18th of December.

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